Art of Tea - Loose Leaf Tea Canisters

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Hand blended and custom crafted fine organic teas and botanicals. Each tea has a beautiful display and a unique story of its own.. which flavor will you choose?


A dynamic, yet calming woodsy elixir that will ease your mind and spirit. Chill blend is a soothing citrus blend that is perfect for adding a touch of calm to your day.

Caffeine Free


This proprietary blend of traditional organic tea and purifying herbs combine delicious flavor and a gentle, yet effective way of regulating the body's natural cleansing process. With citrus, berry, and spicy notes, this ayurvedic tea is a perfect cup of bliss.

Medium Caffeine


Sweet raspberries are perfectly balanced by tangy fresh hibiscus flowers while the indulgent, floral scent of jasmine carries this slightly stimulating guayusa tea blend to a place that could only be described as Happy! This uplifting tea is fruity and light, perfect for any time of day.

Medium Caffeine


A calming sleepy-time tea with smooth and minty flavor notes. Steep this tea for sleep either to accentuate a midday nap or head to your evening slumber.

Caffeine Free




This soothing aromatic blend is crafted with minty, calm, and slightly sweet botanicals. Restoring balance in the digestive system with each and every sip.

Caffeine Free



Apricot Escape steeps a delicate pink color with a clean finish reminiscent of ripe apricots and Asian pears. This apricot tea is a stunning herbal infusion that is delicious both hot or iced.

Caffeine Free


A customer favorite. Start your day in a bold way with our loose leaf organic Earl Grey Creme tea. This is a remarkable black tea blend that is hand blended with fragrant oil of bergamot for citrus notes followed by a touch of french vanilla for a rich and robust finish.

Medium Caffeine


Robust with flavor, our traditional blend of organic loose leaf black tea is perfect for starting the day. This Sri Lanka black tea brews smooth and malty, with a clean finish. 

Medium Caffeine



Sweeten your senses with a tart and tangy rush to the palate from this pomegranate green tea. Select organic green tea is hand tossed in a large wok, dried to perfection, then carefully blended with organic raspberries and essence of pomegranate.

Medium Caffeine


A sharp and smooth blend of organic spearmint and organic peppermint that are domestically grown and harvested on the picturesque Oregon and California coasts. This mint tisane is perfect for sipping any time of day or after a heavy meal.

Caffeine Free



Sweet enticing chocolate in a velvety base of rooibos and refreshing mint leaves. Each cup of this chocolate rooibos tea has a smooth finish complemented by a touch of vanilla.

Low Caffeine


A dreamy, tropical coconut white tea. White Coconut Crème tea has a light body and smooth creamy texture. A customer favorite both hot and iced.

Medium Caffeine


Our Egyptian Chamomile elicits sweet, calming flavor notes. This tisane is round and soothing with each and every sip, perfect for any time of day.

Caffeine Free



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