Beer Bread Kit(s)
Beer Bread Kit(s)
Beer Bread Kit(s)

Beer Bread Kit(s)

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Sniff…sniff…mmmmm – who would have imagined fresh-made bread could be so simple and savory? The Invisible Chef that’s who with their classic and contemporary beer bread! We have Everything Seasoning and Spinach Parmesan, both bake up a hearty loaf of heaven. Perfect for dipping or dousing with butter.



Everything goes…..when you sprinkle this delicious seasoning blend on top of one of our best selling beer bread mixes. A unique blend of garlic, onion, sesame and spices…..this seasoning packet is Everything and more! So, sprinkle away, slather with butter and enjoy

Just mix & bake. Makes 1 loaf.



They say if you eat your spinach, you will be healthy and strong so can you imagine what sprinkling a little parmesan and brew to the mix can do? Look out -- limitless flavor and joy potential ahead.

Just mix & bake! Makes 1 loaf.

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