Harney & Sons Tea / Darjeeling

Harney & Sons Tea / Darjeeling

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High in the mountains, deep in the mists that surround the Himalayas is Darjeeling, the ~Queen of Teas. Harney & Sons Darjeeling tea is a blend of First Flush and Autumnal teas from the best gardens. This mixture yields a light color in the cup. Classic tin of 20 sachets. Each tea sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea.

Black teas.

Liquor: This tea brews a light golden color.
Aroma: A good mixture of the bright aromas of a First Flush Darjeeling: pineapple & grapefruit and the darker stone fruit notes of later season teas.
Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
Body: This is a medium bodied tea.
Flavors: This tea delivers a good blend of bright citrus notes and darker notes of stone apricots and plums.

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