Harney & Sons Tea / Vanilla Comoro

Harney & Sons Tea / Vanilla Comoro

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We're pleased to offer Vanilla Comoro, Harney & Sons popular decaf version of Vanilla Black tea! Now you may enjoy our favorite vanilla dessert tea to your heart's content, and still get a good night's sleep. Tin of 20 sachets. Each tea sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea. 


Decaffeinated black tea, vanilla flavor. All natural.

Details: This tea has all the wonderful sweet flavors of Vanilla but almost no caffeine.
Dry Leaves: Dusty brown leaves that are lighter from the decaffeination process. Natural and artificial flavors are added to create the rich vanilla flavor.
Liquor: The liquor is light brown because it is decaffeinated.
Aroma: A delicious aroma of vanilla.
Caffeine Level: decaffeinated
Body: This tea has a lighter body because of the decaffeination process.
Flavors: A simple flavor of vanilla, the underlying tea flavor has been lightened by the decaffeination process.


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